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by Scolla

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released July 20, 2011



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Scolla Detroit

For the young man that is the product of two Cameroonian parents, born in Memphis, and unabashedly raised and molded in Detroit, his entire life revolves around thinking outside the box and doing what others thought couldn't be achieved. While a Detroit rapper, singer, and producer at heart, Scolla hasn't let its borders confine him musically. #TheRLES is the movement ... more

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Track Name: Round & Round
Verse 1:

It feels like its one of them nights, but I guess that everyday//

When I need to relax and so I call on mary J//

to put me on that peter parker shit, I steady climb high//

get away, a better place, you know land of the la la//

So I roll me up a pearl, no better yet a diamond//

as my phone vibrates, thats shorty with perfect timing//

Told her I got some jewels so come kick it with ya mans//

plus you know that I know diamonds are a girls best friend//

she giggled and said I'm coming, I said baby that's for later//

riding this kush cloud there's no tellin where it could take us//

so I burn down one, break up more tree and roll another//

til she comes thru the door to come partake with a brother//

told her it aint that easy, there's the zip baby go roll you one

I really told her roll just so I could see how she work her tongue//

Hahah look how high we gettin now//

is what I say to my co-pilot as we takin off the ground goin//


Round and Round We gon'

grab a zip, break it down, roll that shit, light up a joint and pass it

Round and Round We gon'

grab a zip, break it down, roll that shit, light up a joint and pass it

Round and Round We gon'

grab a zip, break it down, roll that shit, light up a joint and pass it

Round and Round We gon'


Verse 2:

So its just me her and mary doing the wildest of activities//

Well, it aint too wild, our people did it in the 70s//

Girl, light up a new one, lets start a sex revolution//

you been dwellin over problems I got the best of solutions//

(ye ye yeah)

don't let the situation go sour unless you blow it//

but if you blow it, and then it sour, oh fuck it go head//

lets have the time of our lives like an our internal clock//

we'll keep it going, going til our batteries stop//

(laugh) funny, word to the pink bunny//

word to the purple I'm on, word to miss lil lovely//

oh yes she fine, like the strain that we burnin//

I feeling out of my mind and that mind she pay me is perfect//

I'm certain that she's a pro or maybe its that I'm blowed//

or maybe we're on a roll with what ever trip that we on//

Lets see how far we can take it my baby we in the zone//

and if we lose it we can roll up another and get it on//

then its//
Track Name: In The Morning (ScoMix)
Can I Hit It In The Mornin'
Can I Hit It In The Mornin'
Can I Hit It In The Mornin'
The Sun Rising While You're Moanin'

Verse 1:
Thats the message that I left you when our eyes met/
Wet as the atlantic, I aint even swim inside yet//
let me talk dirty to you, get you in that mindset//
as we blow the finest, swishin timeless in that wine glass//
its funny cuz we've only known each other for a moment//
but ya comfortable cuz you've loved all my music for some years///
so the pressure's on my shoulders to be great when I get on it//
cuz u hyped up off my shit talking in lyrics you would hear//
plus you love it that I'm deep, you're astonished at my brain//
and so you probing hoping that you find my actions are the same//
and Baby I'm good, I'm as great as can be//
I'm Love tappin that ass, while we wrestle in sheets//
WWE smackdown, head boards, back down
gotchu thinkin that you done finally met ya match now//
so Lets take it to round 2, get it how you want it//
non stop, through alarm clocks I ask can I hit it in the mourning//

Verse 2:
As I'm in between yo thighs, I'm staring in your eyes//
leading right into your soul, take a peak into your life//
and for everything thats wrong, I just wanna make it right//
thats as if we'll be forever but its only for tonight//
and so you take it, the pinnacle of beauty's when you naked//
The apple of my eye and I am adamant to taste it//
yeah I hope you got that eve, I'm at it how you told me//
and you can tell em I killed it when you talk to yo homies//
(haha) we on that same shit//
Like dog I had her moaning, screaming to the neighbors//
That Trey shit//
Had me going deep (going deep) Reggie Wayne shit//
It brought out that spanish in her, I'm speakin that spanglish//
mirror on the ceiling see how freaky that our game is//
watch ya self as you take all of that pleasurable pain in//
tell me where ya minds at as soon you climax//
as soon as I'm yawning//
you ask, can I hit it in the morning//
Track Name: APART
If we were to be apart could you promise that my heart would make it// (After I gave you everything)
Take a look back to the start, try and tell me that I wasn't true to you I feel like//
It was more than need//
I gave you something to believe in//
Or maybe I was really being foolish//
Now I feel like nothing is the same//
Everything has change//
I've lost you// (We grew apart)